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About Us

Our aim is to create a place where past brides can connect with future brides. It is estimated that a bride will only wear her dress for 13 hours on average. After this, rather than have these dresses sitting in your closest gathering dust, why not make some of the money you spent on your dress back. This is where ReBride can help.

Upload your wedding dress for a one time fee of 50 euro to

Connect with potential buyers. Find the right buyer for your dress and send it to them.

Keep all of the commission from the sale and get some of your storage back!



Isabel Gleeson

I am Isabel Gleeson. Founder of ReBride. I have worked in the fashion industry for ten years and am based in Dublin @styledbyisabel_.

I am Isabel Gleeson. Founder of ReBride. I am a fashion buyer & stylist based on Dublin @styledbyisabel_. After selling my own wedding dress a number of hours after my wedding through an Instagram Direct Message, it really got me thinking about how we can make the wedding dress industry more sustainable. A bride wears her dress for an average of 13 hours.